JVF Club Members Enjoy Loyalty Benefits

Loyalty pays and so do we at JaivikFood !!! JVF Club membership would be allowed to limited customers on first cum first basis. All our existing customers, without whom, we would not have come so far, would be automatically offered to be registered as JVF Club members to start enjoying the benefits it comes with. That does not mean remembering your loyalty card number, in fact, there would be no such card or number. We believe in knowing you by your name and address. The benefits will roll back to you automatically whenever you qualify for them.

Benefits :

1. Special members discounts of 10% applicable on billed amount of Rs 1,000/- or more.
2. No delivery charges for order value of Rs 500/- or more.
3. Complimentary samples  of our newly introduced products exclusively to you.
4. Priority in your order fulfilment in case of limited quantity of any product.
5. A guided tour of Organic Farms once a year subject to suitability of resources/climate etc.
6. Refer your friends.  Not only that you will a receive a token of gift from JaivikFood, you will earn an additional 5% discount on your next purchase , every time your new reference places his/her first order of Rs 500/- or more.

Eligibility and other T&Cs :

1. At least 3 orders in a month.
2. Order to be placed ONLINE on our website www.jaivikfood.com by 8pm Thursday for delivery on Sunday.
3. An yearly non-refundable deposit of Rs 1000/- ( waived for initial round of JVF members) to be made in advance.
4. JVF Club membership is subject to discretion of the management of the company.
5. JVF Club program can be withdrawn by the company anytime without any claim whatsoever except that the yearly deposit,if any will be returned on pro-rata basis.

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