Manipuri Black Aromatic Rice 500g

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Famous Manipuri black (Chak Hao) rice being grown in Dehradun has aroma and healthy nutrients.

The Major Health Benefits Offered by Chak Hao Amubi Aromatic Rice

  1. It has high antioxidant quotient. Antioxidants boost immunity levels and help your body stave off various ailments and infections better. The antioxidants also help discard toxins from body.
  2. The Anthocyanins is said to be helpful for reducing heart attack prospects. It reportedly plays a role in preventing plaque buildup in artery walls. They are also helpful in lowering cholesterol levels in body.
  3. Studies have revealed eating black rice can also help keep some dreaded ailments at bay. It may prevent onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Though solid scientific evidence does not exist, a lot of users of black rice say its consumption helps prevent and cure certain types of cancer.

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