Garlic Chive Leaves 30g

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Chervil comes from the carrot family along with dill, parsley, and fennel. It does look incredibly similar to parsley, except the leaves are smaller, lacier, and paler in color. Chervil also shares one of the same aromatic compounds as tarragon. This gives chervil a very delicate anise aroma and flavor.

Try tossing whole chervil leaves into salad mixes or green vegetable juices. They add a fresh, sweet flavor to contrast bitter greens and spicy arugula. Or you can mix finely chopped chervil into a vinaigrette to pour over your salad. This is especially tasty when you add in the other classic “fine herbes“: chives, tarragon, and parsley.

Chervil is also fantastic with eggs! We like to sprinkle a little over the tops of omelette right before serving or stir minced leaves into gently cooked eggs. You can also chop the leaves very finely and mix them into butter to use with steamed vegetables, fish, and grilled meats. The residual heat from the food amplifies the aroma of the chervil without destroying its flavor.

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