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Looking forward to bigger basket every week regularly


We did a trial order last week. The veggies were delivered personally by Ashok Joshi as he wanted to have our feedback. My wife suggested to him to get the veggies sorted before despatch ( ref to bhindis that had seeds), get reusable baskets of local material that can be billed to a customer and which can be taken back for reuse till it lasts. This way the veggies shall remain unharmed esp the softer ones. Lastly if a very low cost small packs could be found wherein individual items could be put in such individual packs. And I had a question regarding some certification or autheticity that they are organic.

We consumed the veggies over a few days. They were the best tasting ones that we have had for years. Our dinner is normally soups, salad, and sauteed veg – dinner esp soup has never tasted better.

Its well worth the little extra price and if all of us help find Jaivikfood 3 new buyers their distribution cost shall come down and we shall all reap in a lower pricing in future.

Keep up the good work Ashok….all the very bests. We are hooked on.




Dear Friend,

We thank you for your very valuable feedback and have taken appropriate steps to improve upon our quality and services.

We are encouraged to know that you liked the quality of the veggies. As I mentioned to you, We are registered with Uttarakhand Organic Commodity Board (UOCB), Dehradun which is promoting Organic farming specially for farmers with small land holdings in Uttarakhand and these veggies and other organic produce is being procured from these farmers whose lands are certified for Organic farming.

Thanks for your continued support for the Jaivikfood which in turn is encouraging small farmers in Uttarakhand. Looking forward to serve you better with more farm fresh Jaivikfood produce.

Warm Regards
Ashok Joshi

Rama Mehra

Thank you Ashok, I have been taking veggies and mangoes for a while from you and feel blessed with your contact in receiving such palate and each cell friendly produce. These all natural pure products free of synthetics gives the satisfaction of completeness of fullness to our hunger in little and yet leaves the body full but light with freshness in mind. Keep up this task of consciousness and my family joins me in gratitude towards your effort in this revolution of bringing back the purity of life on to this planet. Bliss n Bless


Dear Rama, Thank you for your encouraging comments. Its our sincere efforts to serve our customers with pure products which are available according to season. This seasonal availability or to say non-availability is not relevant to non-Organic or cold-storage based supply chain. We at Jaivikfood are trying to solve this problem by linking to farmers in different geography. For example, the Red Onions and Garlic was procured from the Organic farmers in Rajasthan to meet the demand here in Delhi. We are also increasing number of farmers in our supply chain to serve you better in coming days. Thanks again for your continued support.


Thank you for providing amazingly fresh and delightfully tasty vegetables with every order. I order fruit and vegetables almost every second week online. Out of the 4-5 online portals for organic food that I have tried; no one has been able to deliver farm fresh vegetables as Jaivikfood.
I have tried both fresh produce (vegetables, herbs, etc) as well as grains (rice) and am extremely happy with the quality of the product.

I wish more people understand the importance of consuming organic products and get associated with jaivikfood family.
Looking forward to bigger basket every week.

Thanks & Regards,
Aditi Dabral


Dear Aditi,
Thank you for your encouraging feedback. We will strive to meet your expectations in future as well. Please do keep providing us your feedback from time to time specially whenever you spot an area which needs improvement.

Thanks !
Jaivikfood team

Ms Adriana

I am extremely happy with all the organic fruits and vegetables that I have been getting. I am new to Delhi and was very happy to know that I could get organic produce here. The jaivikfood team is great and very helpful. The jaivikfood team is doing a great work in promoting organic food here in India which is free of harmful pesticides which is very bad for the soil and for the planet. I am looking forward to getting my next lot of vegetables and mangoes which were so delicious. I will do whatever I can to support jaivikfood team as they and the farmers who grow this wonderful food are doing a great job in trying to keep us all healthy and save the planet.


Thanks for the encouraging words which means a lot to all of us at Jaivikfood. We will continue to be inspired by our customers and will do our best to serve you all in Delhi NCR with good service and products.


Dear Ashokji,
Please congratulate the farmers for their efforts on my behalf.. The organically grown fruits and vegetables that I have been taking from you the last few weeks are par excellent.
Infact, I can’t remember having such deliciously sweet grapes in a long time. In a lighter vein but real honest- it has helped me cut down my sweet cravings. ?


Thanks Mam, such kind words are source of encouragement to us and our farmers. Thanks again.


Hi, I have been ordering from jaivik food for almost a year now, and am really pleased with the quality of the veges and fruits and the service provided. Having these organic vegetables and fruit delivered to your doorstep week after week and not having to worry about consuming pesticides has been a source of immense happiness for me. This year, thanks to the efforts of the jaivik food team, we got to have delicious organic mangoes. I haven’t enjoyed eating mangoes as much in a long time….. so, thank you. May you continue to expand and grow and provide an even greater variety of organic products.


Thank you for your kind words. We are increasing our range of fresh produce by reaching out to farmers across India who are either certified organic or following zero budget spiritual farming. Thanks again.


I received my order on Sunday, 6 January. However, I am still awaiting information about making an online payment.


Thanks for placing order on JaivikFood. We have provided following information on our WhatsApp group from time to time to make online payment.

Reny Jauhro

I had ordered 2 khali wheat atta packs on 7/11 but have not heard from u since then. R. Jauhro

Joshi Ashok

We are providing home delivery in certain parts of Delhi NCR with a minimum order value of Rs 1000/-. We don’t have delivery outside Delhi.

Neerja Pande

I have placed the order first time online. I have been placing orders on whatsapp, receiving and consuming veggies supplied by you for an year now. I really like the freshness and wholesomeness of your supplies. Best

Joshi Ashok

Thank you for your encouragement. It will go a long way in helping us to serve you better.

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