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Why Organic food ?

It is healthy

<span class="light">It</span> is healthy

Research has shown that Organic farming enables the plants to retain higher nutritional qualities. Organic food is not only healthy, it tastes better and has longer shelf life. On the contrary industrial farm food has been a major cause of increase in diseases like Cancer. Adopt safe, healthy and pure food.

It boosts immunity

<span class="light">It</span> boosts immunity

Just Think ! which food will help you build the immunity. The one which needs so many chemicals to grow OR the Natural /Organic food which fights for its survival ?

It’s how nature intended

<span class="light">It’s</span> how nature intended

The micro organisms in the soil convert the nutrients from non-usable to usable form which are then taken by the feeding roots of the plant. THINK !!! by adding pesticides and other chemicals , we are simply killing all these and many other Good Pests. Himalayan Organic Food Co. is against that..Lets Grow and Not Kill..

The Beginnings
Today we all recognises the increasing threat to health of Indians due to extremely higher amount of dangerous residual pesticides in our food. Himalayan Organic Produce Co. is providing an opportunity to Organic Farmers to market their produce in Delhi NCR under the brand name "Jaivikfood". A humble start was done on 22nd March 2015. Our mantra is "HOP On to Organics" Bit-by-bit and Bite-by-bite..
In addition to farm fresh Jaivik Veggies, we are introducing few Spices, Basmati Rice, Jaggery and Sugar ( Brown and White)...all produced in Organic Farms in Uttarakhand
Our Belief For the Future
We look forward to extend the Jaivikfood range with introduction of Milk and Milk products , Honey and Tea in future. We will also provide consulting and full support under brand GreenThumb to urban population to start their own Roof Top Kitchen Garden or Vertical Garden to enjoy and satisfy their quest for greenery. Gardening is one of the best hobby to beat stress in todays life.

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