JaivikFood- Six Years of Passionate Journey

“People are fed by food industry which pays no attention to health, and are treated by health industry, which pays no attention to food” Wendell Berry.
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates.
Six years back, on 21st March 2015, I started on a journey with passion for natural food free from synthetic chemicals. It was the beginning of JaivikFood.com when we got our first lot of #organicvegetables from Uttarakhand transported by night bus. Today, we are sourcing fresh fruits and vegetables from organic and natural farmers across India. The logistics still remains a big challenge in terms of costs and efforts. However, a simple note of appreciation from our customers melts away all the hardship in getting pure food delivered every week. Like any journey, I had wonderful experiences of meeting very nice people from different walks of life as farmers, traders, teachers, transporters, vendors, marketers and most importantly the customers. It gives me immense joy when new farmers adopt #SPNF techniques which are more environment friendly than #organic farming, when we help promotion of forgotten varieties like #kalanamk Budha Rice, Khapli an Ancient Wheat Variety, #Dehraduni Basmati Rice, #Millets, Ganesh variety of Pomegranates, Yellaki Bananas and Red Bananas from South India and so on. Every interaction had taught me something new and affirmed my belief that food should be grown with passion and without poison. Yes, Naturally Grown Food works better than medicines.
There are many misconceptions in food and consumers need to be aware of what is good for them. To be healthy, you don’t need superfood (a concept heavily marketed to push for imported food) but indigenous food (our humble millets, forgotten varieties etc), which our forefathers ate. There is no harm in consuming new food for specific benefits but one needs not to give up the basic food, which his/her parents have grown with. For last many decades industry told us not to eat Ghee, Butter, Oils etc and pushed for expensive Refined Oils and many imported Oils like oils has been pushed heavily. It has now been proven that the Desi Cow’s Ghee, Mustard , Sesame, Coconut and Peanut Oil are the best for we Indians.
I am thankful to all of you who supported JaivikFood in this journey in different ways. We still have many areas to improve upon our services and products while maintaining the purity of the produce free from chemicals. We also seek blessing of Padm Shree Subhash Palekarji in our endeavour to support farmers following his environment friendly #SPNF farming techniques.

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