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Granny Smith Green Apples 1 Kg

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Green Apple is one of the delicious and enjoyed fruits due to its sweetness and freshness and it's great health benefits.
· These are rich in photochemical and researches prove that daily consumption of apple helps fight chronic diseases.
· Its peel consists of dietary fiber, mainly insoluble fiber, which helps in reducing weight.
· Due to presence of flavonoids, apple helps fight Cancer, especially Lung Cancer.
· People consuming good amounts of cooking apple have lower chances of thrombotic stroke attacks and decreased cerebro vascular disease. It also improves cardiovascular function.
· Due to the presence of the compound quercitin, a major component in Apple peels, it helps to lower the sugar levels and manage type 2 diabetes mellitus. It also helps to fight Prostrate cancer.
· Apple is said to decrease bronchial hypersensitivity and improve pulmonary function, thus helps to treat Asthma.
· It also helps in preventing age related problems like loss of memory. Thus one can be more alert.


Green Apples full of nutrition, tangy and freshening taste straight from Organic Orchards from Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.

These fine quality Apples are very juicy, crunch and tasty. These apples are being grown by Organic farming techniques using Organic fertilisers , organic manure, vermicompost etc.

This delicious Kale and Apple Salad combines the unique flavour and texture of kale leaves with crunchy strips of apple, shredded cabbage, raisins and melon seeds. A tangy dressing of honey and lemon adds to the spectrum of flavours that this salad offers your taste buds! Serve it immediately upon tossing to enjoy the bubbly, fresh flavours.


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