Terms & Conditions

By placing your interest and orders on JaivikFood.Com, You agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Return & Refund: We follow 100% Return & Refund Policy with No Questions Asked.  You can report your concern with product anytime before or after consumption. However, we will appreciate your feedback to improve our quality of product and services. For fresh produce there is no need to return and for dry or non-perishable product we would arrange to collect the returned product in next delivery schedule. A refund will be credited to you and same would be either refunded or adjusted during next order.
2. Order Time: We generally load stock of fresh products by every Tuesday. Please place your order by Thursday 8 pm for Sunday delivery. To continue to enjoy applicable JVF Club member discount, please ensure your order is placed by Wednesday evening 8 pm.
3. Feedback: We welcome all feedbacks with open heart with intent to improve our services. Whenever you provide a feedback, we will acknowledge it by a small “Add On” in your next order.
4. JVF Club Membership: Please learn more about our loyalty program JVF Club at https://jaivikfood.com/launching-of-jvf-club-membership/
5. Order Fulfilment: We buy products directly from farmers and take all efforts to ensure the availability and delivery of items ordered by you. However, due to several constraints, sometimes we may not be able to deliver all the items you had ordered.
6. Cancellation Policy: You can cancel your order anytime before Friday Morning which is the time our consolidated order is posted to farmers for harvesting.
7. Blocking Fraudulent Orders: Any fraudulent transaction and customers would not be allowed to access our website for placing orders in the interest of genuine customers. Only customers who are above 18 years are eligible to register and only registered users can place orders.
8. Modify Order: You can always edit your order to add or delete products before the order is processed for delivery.
9. Special Handling: You can always mention special handling or delivery requirements while placing your orders which will be serviced on best effort basis.
10. Bugs: We try our best to ensure the products are free from bugs or insects by visual inspection. However, its acceptable to find a bug or two inside a fresh Organic product which actually shows that farmers are not using chemical pesticides. We request you to simply cut and remove the infested part if feasible or throw that particular piece. You can opt for a refund only if a major portion of that veggies were infested and couldn’t be consumed.
11. Product: Please check the product description before placing your order.
12. Privacy: Privacy of your data shared with us is important to us and therefore, we do not share with any third party except the delivery people.
13.Dispute: For any dispute, please first register your concern by any of the means like email, phone call or feedback. We will do our best to resolve your concern. In any case, the maximum liability will be the order value of the disputed items. We will not be responsible for any consequential damages.
14.Contact Us: For any clarifications, please call our customer care number 8826455594 or 9811018213.

8 thoughts on “Terms & Conditions

  1. hi, i just placed an order 2 minutes back. when is the delivery to be expected? please let me know as soon as possible. thank you

    1. Thanks for showing interest in organic food and placing order with jaivikfood.com. At present we are delivering once a week on Sundays. We confirm that your order is under processing and will be delivered on Sunday afternoon. Thanks

  2. I have just placed and order please tell me when it will be delivered

    1. Thank you for showing interest in organic food and placing order with us at Jaivikfood.com. However, we are unable to deliver your order as it is below minimum order value of Rs 1000/- for Gurgaon. Please revisit and place new order with more items. Thanks

  3. I have placed a order, till yesterday it was reflecting order placed. Today it says no order, what this is plz check.

    1. Seems, u have not completed the order. As we dont have any record of it. Can you please try it once more. Thanks

  4. Do you provide service in Gurgaon? I have placed an order for Chinia Banana 1kg.

    1. Thanks for contacting JaivikFood. We are sorry to inform you that at present we are not servicing your area and hence can not process your order. However, There are few organic stores in Gurugram to whom we are supplying these products as well. Please check organic stores near you. Thanks

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