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Tumrhi Potatoes from Uttarakhand Hills

Much awaited, new season’s Tumrhi Potatoes, Oblonged shaped pahadi potatoes, from higher altitudes of Uttarakhand is available now. These are being grown by our organic farmers in Garhwal region of Himalayas. It’s our promise that you would not like to eat any other potatoes after trying this variety ( specially for Indian Aloo Bahji) !!! #organic #jaivik #vegetables #homedelivery #pahadi #uttarakhand #potatoes

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Natural vs Protected Food

In nature, food is subjected to various kinds of stress falling in biotic (living components) and abiotic (non living) categories. Insect bites, fungus, hailstone, rains, excess sun light exposures , soil etc which is part of natural ecosystem. Many of us in natural farming believe that there can not be sustainable farming without this ecosystem. I am of the opinion that the food grown in highly controlled/protected environment (like poly houses, hydroponics etc ) is highly unnatural. It might be a necessity for adverse situations but not the best option for most others. Now a days agriculture scientists and companies are promoting covers/nets for every single fruit on tree. This is to meet customers demand who want good looking fruits with perfect colour, perfect peel, perfect size and no ugly looking marks of insect bites , sun exposure, water marks etc. Do you want to fall for these good looking ones or natural ones? Your choice is important because industry moves according to what sells in the market. Some of you who are old like me would know, mangoes used to be sold as green only except few natural coloured varieties. Today, almost all mangoes are sold in attractive yellow colour. De-greening is the process of removing the green colour (chlorophyll) from the skin of fruit after harvest using ethylene gas treatment. We all have been trained to buy good looking fruits and discard natural ones. My humble request to all of you is to think and read more about these artificial/human interventions before making your buying decision. Would like to hear your views pls. Thanks
#food #environment #agriculture #farming #sustainable
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Our Products & Services

Good morning friends. For some of our new customers, we would like to let you know following.
1) We have once a week delivery on Sundays. We take orders by Friday evening and get fresh stock of vegetables and fruits on Sunday morning based on your orders.
2) We have few customers who are JVF Club members and are entitled to benefits including flat 10% discount on bill, complimentary new products etc subject to few terms and conditions.
3) We also have few discount coupons as *Refer & Gain, First Online order * , *Feedback on Social Medua * etc.
4) We provide 100% refund or replacement for all food products which do not meet your expectations for any reason whatsoever.
5) We have been serving Delhi NCR customers since March 2015 with weekly delivery of freshly harvested vegetables sourced from pollution free environment of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.
6) We provide seasonal fruits and vegetables sourced only from our network of farmers following certified organic and natural farming without harmful synthetic chemicals.
7) our milk products like Ghee and Paneer is made from A2 Milk of Free Grazing Desi Cows
8) We promote Desi (heirloom) varieties wherever possible. These desi varities products may not be good looking, difficult to transport, slightly more expensive as yield is low but are far better in taste and benefits to customers.
9) We don’t procure anything from farms nearby Delhi region due to toxicity of soil, water and Air.
10. We don’t store any fresh produce and delivery is on same day of arrival.
10) We are conscious of environment and try to minimise use of plastic which sometimes could be difficult for customers as well as for us. We seek your support and request you to please return, our bags, glass bottles, basket etc. which can be reused.

*Thank You* to all our existing customers for your continued support by opting for organic food which is still more expensive than chemically grown food.
Regards Ashok Joshi, JaivikFood

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Aam ki Launji (Sweet & Sour)

Use any raw or little bit semi ripe mangoes depending upon how sour or sweet u need. Add Saunf, Methi, Sarson seeds and few black pepper whole in hot mustard oil. Once ready , add cut pieces and stone of the raw mangoes, add black salt , normal salt, turmeric, red chilli powder and cook for a while. Add small amount of jaggery powder or sugar as per taste. Add little water if you like gravy and let it come to boil and then it’s ready. It can stay in fridge for 5-7 days.

#organic #aamkilaunji #chutney #jaivikfood

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Andhra Pradesh produces best Mangoes

Not only Andhra Pradesh tops the chart with Uttar Pradesh in total production of Mangoes but also is known for premium varieties of mangoes. JaivikFood takes pride is supporting farmers following SPNF farming techniques without synthetic chemicals and marketing these exclusive varieties of mangoes in Delhi NCR since 2015.

  1. Himayat is a large size mango, An exotic variety mango which was  made popular by the Nijam of Hyderabad. #Himayat is one of the sweetest and best mangoes of India, ideally suited for dessert. The fruit has a beautiful smooth oval shaped at maturity. Properly harvested and ripened fruit has a fibreless, silky flesh with a deep, sweet flavour and distinct citrus overtones. The sweet aroma of Himayat engulfs the room quickly.
  2. Banganapalli is a large size fruit with light yellow colour pulp with pleasant aroma. A very popular variety mango which got its name from Banganapalli city in Andhra Pradesh. The fruit has a beautiful prominent shape with loads of flesh suiting to all purpose like Mango Shakes, Mango Lassi, cut fruit etc. It is also the first mango to bag the coveted Geographical Indication tag (GI tag).
  3. Sinduri: With colourful pleasing red top and green and  golden skin, the “Sinduri” variety is popular in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.  In fact, the “Sinduri’ is also called ‘honey’ mango owing to its super sweet nature.
  4. Totapuri : The first Variety to be ready for harvesting, Totapuri is used for its pulp.
  5. Malgova: One of the large size variety , it may weigh nearly a kilogram. Its a famous variety in orchards of Hyder Ali. It has a pink blush at the tip is the which indicates that the fruit is ready to harvest.  The tast is sweet with undercurrent of tartness.



























































































































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Aam Ki Bahar – Traditional Way of Ripening Mangoes

Summer may sound harsh , specially in Delhi but its the time of year when you get plenty of sweet, juicy fruits. Mango is the king of fruits and we still remember our childhood days when all of family members used to gather around a bucket full of mangoes dipped in cold water. That was because the mangoes were ripened at home and when ripe, these were at higher than room temperature. We, at JaivikFood, still follow the traditional way of natural ripening by putting freshly harvested fruits in closed cartons which traps the Ethylene gas released by fruits naturally. In this process , there is some loss of weight due to hydration, the fruits remain greenish yellow and some fruits get spoiled too. However, fruits ripe slowly from inside first and then towards outside. The fruits may look greenish but once the pulp is soft, the complete fruit ripens perfectly and taste amazingly great.

On the other hand, most of the fruits being sold in the market are ripened in gas chambers. This way the  fruits turn into perfect yellow colour , pulp is intact, no loss of weight and fruits look attractive. This is beneficial to vendors but not for customers. Many a times, you will find the fruit is sour in taste or hard near the stone. This is because in chamber, it ripens outside first and then towards inside. Such fruits may taste sweet but are dull and have no comparison to naturally ripened fruits.

TRY it for yourself !!!

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JaivikFood- Six Years of Passionate Journey

“People are fed by food industry which pays no attention to health, and are treated by health industry, which pays no attention to food” Wendell Berry.
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates.
Six years back, on 21st March 2015, I started on a journey with passion for natural food free from synthetic chemicals. It was the beginning of when we got our first lot of #organicvegetables from Uttarakhand transported by night bus. Today, we are sourcing fresh fruits and vegetables from organic and natural farmers across India. The logistics still remains a big challenge in terms of costs and efforts. However, a simple note of appreciation from our customers melts away all the hardship in getting pure food delivered every week. Like any journey, I had wonderful experiences of meeting very nice people from different walks of life as farmers, traders, teachers, transporters, vendors, marketers and most importantly the customers. It gives me immense joy when new farmers adopt #SPNF techniques which are more environment friendly than #organic farming, when we help promotion of forgotten varieties like #kalanamk Budha Rice, Khapli an Ancient Wheat Variety, #Dehraduni Basmati Rice, #Millets, Ganesh variety of Pomegranates, Yellaki Bananas and Red Bananas from South India and so on. Every interaction had taught me something new and affirmed my belief that food should be grown with passion and without poison. Yes, Naturally Grown Food works better than medicines.
There are many misconceptions in food and consumers need to be aware of what is good for them. To be healthy, you don’t need superfood (a concept heavily marketed to push for imported food) but indigenous food (our humble millets, forgotten varieties etc), which our forefathers ate. There is no harm in consuming new food for specific benefits but one needs not to give up the basic food, which his/her parents have grown with. For last many decades industry told us not to eat Ghee, Butter, Oils etc and pushed for expensive Refined Oils and many imported Oils like oils has been pushed heavily. It has now been proven that the Desi Cow’s Ghee, Mustard , Sesame, Coconut and Peanut Oil are the best for we Indians.
I am thankful to all of you who supported JaivikFood in this journey in different ways. We still have many areas to improve upon our services and products while maintaining the purity of the produce free from chemicals. We also seek blessing of Padm Shree Subhash Palekarji in our endeavour to support farmers following his environment friendly #SPNF farming techniques.
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Delivery Precautions from Corona Virus

Important information. The best precaution for stopping Corona virus spread is to reduce contacts as much as possible. *JaivikFood* is ensuring all our staff has no visible signs of infection. For next few weeks, we will be following below given protocol for our deliveries:
*1)* will use disposable delivery bags to be left at your doors which should be picked up by you.
*2)* We will prefer *online* payment or cash/cheque deposit directly into any of *ICICI Bank* in favour of *Himalayan Organic Produce Company A/C 157705001632*
*3)* Request all customers living in *Gated Societies* to please arrange to collect your delivery from society gate. Our delivery staff will call you in advance to coordinate exact time of pickup. Our staff will *Not* enter into any gated society due to increased risk and restrictions imposed by societies, which are understandable so.
*4)* As a general guidelines, please avoid bargain hunting and place order with limited vendors of your choice to minimise contacts.
*5)* Please place your order as early as possible so that deliveries can be planned more efficiently.
*… Precaution is better than treatment…* Thanks for your continued support. Ashok Joshi.

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Home Delivery Only in Delhi & NOIDA : Charges/Location

Please note that we offer Home delivery in Delhi and Noida only. Following are our delivery Charges for different areas. 

Area of Delivery Minimum Order Value Delivery Charges Free Delivery Order Value
NOIDA Rs 500 Rs 50 Rs 750
South Delhi Rs 750 Rs 50 Rs 1000
Central Delhi Rs 750 Rs 50 Rs 1000
East Delhi Rs 1000 Rs 50 Rs 1500
North-West Delhi Rs 1000 Rs 100 Rs 1500