Completion of Four Years- Thank You

Wishing you all a very Happy Navratri and start of Hindu New year. This is also a very special moment for JaivikFood. We started our operations on 21st March 2015 , 1st Navratri of that year.
With completion of 4 years, there is lot to feel good about as we met thousands of good people, nature loving people who are contributing in their own ways to stop the menace of chemicals in food. These are customers of JaivikFood who willingly pay a premium for good food, the farmers who resist the temptation of hybrid seeds, chemicals for growth or pesticides, marketers like The Earth Collective or Green Crusaders Market, the teachers of natural farming Subhash Palekar and many more from our network of supporters and traders who despite umpteen challenges of logistics have been supporting each other. There is also a lot to improve based on the feedback and the pitfalls we came across. There is lot to look forward with the encouragement we received specially for our efforts to bring special indigenous varieties of food which were given up for the high yield varieties by farmers and traders. To mention a few, Khapli or Emmer Wheat, an ancient variety from Border regions of Karnataka and Maharashtra, Kalanamak Rice , a naturally scented rice from tarai region of eastern UP, Ganesh Variety of Pomegranate with light colour arils filled with sweet juice, Chinia Bananas from Bihar. All these desi varieties are filled with goodness of taste, texture and nutrients as nature takes more time to produce less compared to the hybrid varieties. The other benefit is being desi varieties, these are suitable to our climate and very hardy crops which do not need chemicals to grow and are resistant to diseases and pests. In turn, they are highly nutritional to eat.
A special thanks to my family and friends who supported us thru thick and thin of every day. We could not have come so far without any of you. Our humble gratitude to you all whom we interacted in numerous ways and learned a lot. THANKS and once again a Very Happy New Hindu Year.
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