Aam Ki Bahar – Traditional Way of Ripening Mangoes

Summer may sound harsh , specially in Delhi but its the time of year when you get plenty of sweet, juicy fruits. Mango is the king of fruits and we still remember our childhood days when all of family members used to gather around a bucket full of mangoes dipped in cold water. That was because the mangoes were ripened at home and when ripe, these were at higher than room temperature. We, at JaivikFood, still follow the traditional way of natural ripening by putting freshly harvested fruits in closed cartons which traps the Ethylene gas released by fruits naturally. In this process , there is some loss of weight due to hydration, the fruits remain greenish yellow and some fruits get spoiled too. However, fruits ripe slowly from inside first and then towards outside. The fruits may look greenish but once the pulp is soft, the complete fruit ripens perfectly and taste amazingly great.

On the other hand, most of the fruits being sold in the market are ripened in gas chambers. This way theĀ  fruits turn into perfect yellow colour , pulp is intact, no loss of weight and fruits look attractive. This is beneficial to vendors but not for customers. Many a times, you will find the fruit is sour in taste or hard near the stone. This is because in chamber, it ripens outside first and then towards inside. Such fruits may taste sweet but are dull and have no comparison to naturally ripened fruits.

TRY it for yourself !!!

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