Pitless Tree Plantation

The recent incidents of uprooting of big and old trees in Chennai and many other metro cities is a sign that something is not right. Of course, one big reason is the concretisation of the ares around the trees but there is much more than that which is not right.


Look closely and notice the raised soil around the main stem of the trees in our organic farm and compare with​ tree plantation in any conventional farm with a pit around it to feed fertilisers and water etc. It’s amazing to note how wrong are the conventional practices of modern agriculture. There are no feeding roots near the main stem and creating a pit simply makes the stock root immersed in water which makes it weaker because then it doesn’t grow much deeper looking for water. At the same time the feeding roots which generally grow on top soil don’t spread farther as the fertilisers are fed directly near the stem. This whole process is against the nature where feeding roots spread in the soil in search of food (nutrients) and make a strong foundation for the tree. The result is obvious when we see even big trees falling easily in City areas.

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