Zero Residue vs Organic and Natural Fruits

Please note the difference between #Pesticide Residue Free and Organic (#Naturally Grown) Fruits like Grapes, Mangoes , Bananas etc. Though, residue free are 100% safe to eat as the chemical residues are within the maximum residue limits and are naturally ripened without any artificial intervention, however, these can not be claimed as “Organic”.  The term “Organic”  or “Natural” has more implication than just the pesticides residue in the fruit/crop. That is because chemical #pesticides and #fungicides are used by such farmers during the flowering time and onwards for protection against infection and to assist fruit setting. In addition, more synthetic fertilisers, hormones etc are applied to ensure the optimum health of the plant.  As perIIHR recommended practice, the final protective spray is stopped not less than 15 days before the actual harvest to ensure lower limits of harmful residue in the fruit/crop. However, the pesticides and chemical fertilisers added by farmers do still seep into the soil, intoxicates the air and water and thus are harmful to environment and bio diversity in a longer run. So, buying such product does not meet the full objectives of organic /natural farming. On the other hand, Organic or Natural farming uses alternative techniques to take care of the these problems and ensure that the environment is not harmed in any way.

One should, at the least , avoid artificially (#Calcium Carbide) ripened fruits. The easy way to recognise if the fruit is naturally ripened or not is to examine the colour and texture. If its evenly coloured , #monoculture , evenly ripened but wrinkle free and pale then its artificially ripened. The other thing to note is the colour and taste of the pulp. If it has dull colour of pulp inside compared to what you get beneath the peel and taste is not upto mark of the variety of the fruit then its not good. The naturally ripened fruit (even if it has over ripened and is spoiled at some parts) when you cut open will have evenly ripened pulp with good flavour and taste.

Safe Ripening Process Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.32.13 pm

Eat organic and naturally grown food and Enjoy healthy living !!!

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