Welcoming Monsoon !!!


With first showers of Monsoon hitting North India on 29th June, the whole landscape looks different. Every single living thing seems to be happy and welcoming the rains and thanking rain Gods! We are hoping that rains will improve the supply of fresh stocks. Last Sunday, we started fresh stocks of vegetables like Cabbage, Pahari Potatoes, French Beans and Cherry Tomatoes.  We missed some of our customers who were still out on vacations. We also missed few deliveries in far off places in Delhi as we ran out of stock. We understand that it may be causing some difficulty to our customers but we are fully dependant on the harvesting by farmers on Saturdays and sometime the supply does not match the demand. We are working to link more farmers from Uttarakhand but transportation in hilly terrain is always a challenge. We are trying our efforts in converting more farmers to Organic “bit by bit”.

Looking forward to serving you better with every new weekly delivery of fresh and pure vegetables from certified Organic farms in Uttarakhand.

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